On the August 2, 2019 episode of /Film Daily, /Film editor-in-chief Peter Sciretta is joined by /Film weekend editor Brad Oman, senior writer Ben Pearson, and writers Hoai-Tran Bui and Chris Evangelista to have a spoiler discussion about the latest Quentin Tarantino film, Once Upon a Time in… Hollywood.

Opening Banter: News is still slow and we wanted to have this spoiler discussion.

Our Feature Presentation: A spoiler discussion of Once Upon a Time in Hollywood.

Overall and opening thoughts.
Leonardo DiCaprio as Rick Dalton.
Brad Pitt and Cliff Booth.
Margot Robbie as Sharon Tate.
Hollywood 1969: how does it feel to be here?
Not much happens in this movie until the ending…is that a problem?
The FBI episode, the Great Escape fantasy, and other movies/shows in the movie.
The soundtrack.
The supporting cast: Kurt Russell, Emile Hirsch, etc.
The Bruce Lee Scene
That strange scene where Cliff maaaaaybe kills his wife.
The scene with the child actor.
The long scene where we watch Rick Dalton film the cowboy show.
Charles Manson and the family.
The Spahn Ranch sequence.
That final 30 minutes.
The significance of the final shot.

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