Promo Trailer for Rúnar Rúnarsson’s ‘Echo’ Film Premiering in Locarno

by Alex Billington
July 31, 2019
Source: YouTube

“I heard your sister was going to repair it?” “Yes, that’s true.” “Dreams don’t cost a dime.” Screen Daily has debuted the first festival promo trailer for a new Icelandic drama from filmmaker Rúnar Rúnarsson (Volcano Sparrows), this one called Echo – or Bergmál in Icelandic. Set during Christmas, the film takes us on a journey into the lives of the people of Iceland. Rúnarsson “uses 56 scenes to create a portrait of modern society. Settings include an abandoned farm on fire in the countryside; a children’s choir singing carols; and a young girl making her grandmother try a new virtual reality headset.” Looks like a very beautiful, intimate portrait of modern life in all its splendor. Locarno says: “Whether close or distant, these characters struggle with their solitude, their fears, their generosity, their present and their past. A contemporary panorama by turns ironic and caustic, Echo allows each character to question their place in the society they [now] live in.”

Here’s the first festival trailer for Rúnar Rúnarsson’s Echo, direct from YouTube (via Screen Daily):

Rúnar Rúnarsson's Echo

Iceland, at Christmas time. As everyone prepares for the holidays, a peculiar atmosphere falls upon the country revealing emotions of both excitement and concern. In the countryside, an abandoned farm is burning. In a school, a children’s choir is singing Christmas carols. In a slaughterhouse, chickens are parading along a rail. In a museum, a mother is arguing with her ex-husband on the phone. In a living room, a young girl is making her grandmother try on her new virtual reality headset – Through 56 scenes, Echo draws a portrait, both biting and tender, of modern society. Echo, originally titled Bergmál, is both written and directed by up-and-coming Icelandic filmmaker Rúnar Rúnarsson, his third feature film after directing Volcano and Sparrows previously. This is premiering at the Locarno Film Festival this summer. The film is still seeking international distribution – no other release dates are confirmed. First impression?

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Author : Alex Billington

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