Watch: Helfrecht & Tittel’s Short Film ‘NYET! A Brexit UK Border Farce’

by Alex Billington
July 30, 2019
Source: Vimeo

“Do you smell something yucky?” Oh now this is a good one. NYET! A Brexit UK Border Farce is a new short film made by London-based filmmakers Alex Helfrecht & Jörg Tittel. This satire mocking the crazy times in the UK is about two immigrants crossing the border who are stopped for bringing contraband over the border. But they’re stopped for all the wrong reasons. The short stars Olivia Williams, Beatie Edney, Garry Mountaine, and introducing Gabriella Moran and Dimitri Gripari. For those outside of the UK who don’t get this, it’s about how Brexit is limiting contraband like cheese and foreign food because it’s from the EU. There’s a nice twist in this; it’s deliciously clever short film storytelling. “Is any of this reasonable?”

NYET! A Brexit UK Border Farce Poster

Thanks to Jörg for the tip on this. Original description from Vimeo: “When Boris and Olga arrive at the port of Dover with precious cargo, the border authorities, headed by the formidable Mrs. Pyke (Olivia Williams), uncover truths hidden – quite literally – within our protagonists.” NYET! A Brexit UK Border Farce is co-directed by London-based filmmakers Alex Helfrecht (follow her @meinhelf) and Jörg Tittel (follow him @newjorg). Tittel previously directed the feature film The White King, and is always working on projects. The script is written by Alex Helfrecht, Gabriella Moran, Jörg Tittel. An Oiffy production. For more info on their short, and to buy some merch, you can visit the official website. For more shorts, click here. Thoughts?

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Author : Alex Billington

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